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• 8" (20cm) deep
• 137x190x20
• High density memory foam
• Includes 4cm 100% memory foam (superior Item)
• Firmness rating: medium to firm
• Vacuum packed into an inner and outer quality box
• Includes fully washable luxury Maxicool cover
• Flame retardent (BS5852 standard)
• Hypoallergenic
• Space-age technology originally developed by NASA for use by astronauts
• Heat and pressure sensitive, adapting perfectly to the shape of your body

• Double Size (4ft 6"): Width 137cm x Length 190cm x Depth 20cm
• King Size (5ft): Width 152cm x 198cm Length x Depth 20cm

Memory foam mattresses explained!


The technical name for the material used within memory foam mattresses is visco-elastic polyurethane foam. 


This type of foam was initially developed for use in the NASA space program many years ago to help astronauts with g-force during take-off. Memory foam was not initially released into the open market, however it did find its way into hospitals to treat patients who suffered from bed pressure sores. 


Memory foam mattresses distribute bodyweight more evenly than traditional mattresses, which reduces pressure build-up that can lead to neck, back and joint discomfort developing during sleep. Once the many benefits of memory foam mattresses were realised, manufacturers started to introduce products into the mainstream domestic bed and mattress market.

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Double Size (4ft 6"): Width 137cm x Length 190cm x Depth 20cm

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